The Company

The Company is a Christian enterprise. It was founded with a purpose primarily to raise fund for charities, to educate primarily the school children and young adults to be health conscious so that they eat healthily the right food with the best nutrition which will help reduce obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and all kinds of chronic diseases in the population. Chronic diseases can be prevented for one to live a long and prosperous life.

The Charities we support are Red Cross, Red Cross Home for the Disabled, St Luke’s Eldercare, St Andrew’s Mission Hospital, and World Vision.

Our Company Logo Harvest Prime is a Trademark

The TREE OF LIFE symbolises longevity of life. It is made up of heart shaped leaves symbolising our love ( i.e. caring) for you to have a quality long life.

Our Product Logo JOYFUL HEART is a Trademark

It is also heart-shaped symbolising that we care for your health.

Our Company launched the world’s first Avocado Green Tea Ice Cream at the Red Cross Charity Event in Singapore on July 26, 2015. The Year 2015 was in celebration of Singapore 50th Anniversary of Independence. It is now in the process of getting Licensees and distributors overseas for the international markets in UK/US, EU, Japan and others.


Health is Wealth. Every human being on earth eats the right food with the best nutrition so that they can be healthy and prosperous.


To promote and educate all to eat healthily so that one is happy and healthy holistically. You are the product of what you eat and do.